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Retail Plan

  • $0 Monthly fee
  • 8.5% Seller fee
  • You get customer data for future marketing efforts.
  • You get control of the retail price of your tickets.

Earn “Preferred” status by marking up tickets 5% or less.

Fulfillment Plan

  • $0 Monthly fee
  • 0% Seller fee
  • SeatSmart sets end price of inventory. All discounts given to SeatSmart are passed on to the customer.

Earn “Preferred” status by giving SeatSmart a discount of 5% or greater.

What is “Preferred” Status?

Preferred status puts your tickets in the very best position to sell. Preferred members’ tickets show up at the top of ticket listing pages, and are labelled as our guaranteed lowest price “Smart Deals”.

SeatSmart will place priority of preferred tickets over others

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the full list of Billing related questions here. Below are some of the most common questions we get about billing and invoicing.

SeatSmart members can choose one of two methods for receiving payment. These methods are outlined below:

  1. You will be paid twice a month on a set schedule in the form of a check.
  2. You will be paid for each order you receive, as you receive them. For this method, you simply charge the SeatSmart credit card that we will provide for you.

SeatSmart works with the following uploaders:

  • 1Ticket
  • Auto Processor

If you do not work with one of the uploaders listed above, you can use the SeatSmart Chrome Uploader to upload your inventory.

When a customer buys tickets from a Retail broker, they will be made aware of the source from which they have purchased (your brokerage). In addition, if you are a Retail member, you will have access to the SeatSmart Portal where you can access customer information for every order.