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AT&T Center · San Antonio TX From $15,000
AT&T Center · San Antonio TX From $15,000
AT&T Center · San Antonio TX From $15,000
AT&T Center · San Antonio TX From $61
AT&T Center · San Antonio TX From $193
Toyota Center · Houston TX From $65

About San Antonio Spurs

About the San Antonio Spurs
In 1972, the Dallas Chaparrals decided they had enough of lackluster play and poor crowds. They packed up and moved down I-35 to San Antonio, where they became known as the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs would play the next 4 seasons in a league known as the ABA, or American Basketball Association, before the ABA and NBA merged in 1977. The Spurs had the same success in the NBA as they had in the ABA; they have only missed the playoffs 4 times, and have won at least 50 games per season for 18 years straight - an NBA record. The team has had two Hall of Famers suiting up in silver and black - George Gervin and David Robinson - with many more to come.

The Spurs set a high standard for winning, making the playoffs for 6 consecutive years after drafting Robinson in 1987. Despite that, a playoffs win still eluded them. In 1997, the Spurs finished the season with a 20-62 record, which was so bad they fired head coach Bob Bass and replaced him with their general manager: Gregg Popovich. When the 1997 NBA Draft Lottery came around, though, the Spurs got the balls to go their way, and got the top pick in the NBA Draft. They used it on Wake Forest power forward Tim Duncan, and the rest is history.

Duncan has led the Spurs to the playoffs every year, with 50 wins every year he's been in the NBA. He's also led the team to win 5 NBA championships. Along with Duncan, Popovich has found many other star players, like Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Kawhi Leonard, and now Lamarcus Aldridge has been added to the mix. The Spurs aren't flashy like other teams; they do things their own way, and it's really a plan for success.

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