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You want to hit up a concert, or see your favorite team play live. Where do you get tickets? There's tons of different options, so deciding where to buy them can be tough.

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You could go to a site like StubHub, but why would you? They add a markup to the price of tickets. Professional ticket sellers share their inventory, these sites mark it up.

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Professional ticket sellers own the tickets you want to buy. The price these sellers ask for their tickets is the lowest price you'll find anywhere (and we mean anywhere).

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How SeatSmart works

We source tickets from verified Professional Sellers.
Most sites let anyone sell tickets -- which inevitably includes some bad apples. At SeatSmart, every Seller is a verified pro. We ensure that they meet the highest standards.
We list tickets at the Seller's price, with no markup.
You deserve the best prices, so we connect you directly to the seller of your tickets, and never mark up ticket prices. When you buy direct, you get the lowest price - guaranteed.
We connect you directly with Professional Sellers.
When you buy on SeatSmart, nothing stands in your way. The tickets you want are easy to find, and we connect you directly to the source of the lowest price.
We support your purchase every step of the way, from our site to your seat.
At no point in your experience are you on your own. Our service is fully accessible, insanely knowledgeable and wicked fast to respond. We're committed to follow through, every time.
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