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The Daily Fantasy Sports Racket [Infographic]


It’s all very alluring, DraftKings and FanDuel’s promises of big payouts and fantasy sports glory. Problem is, daily fantasy sports (DFS) just doesn’t work that way. 1.3% of all players make money playing DFS. Okay, so that means you have a 1.3% chance of being on of those people right? Not at all. DFS has […]

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The Unstoppable Rise of Fantasy Sports


It’s a bit of an understatement to say Las Vegas is jealous of the success of fantasy sports. Flabbergasted might be the right word (as it so often is). With Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) acting like high octane rocket fuel, this industry is taking America by storm. Sure, we’re used to hearing about Silicon Valley […]

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Which Billboard Artists Are Getting the Most Illegal Music Downloads?

Does being #1 on a Billboard chart mean people are really illegally downloading an album? Who would illegally download Christian music? The world of illegal online music downloads has always been murky, so we set out to answer these questions. Sure, Billboard says an album is #1, but does the world of illegal downloaders agree? Well, let’s […]

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Does The Death Of Album Revenue Spell The End For Rock Stars As We Know Them?


Robert Hensley / Flickr / CC BY-NC The music industry is in crisis. With album sales tumbling to record lows and streaming services paying fractions of pennies on the dollar, where is the money supposed to come from to keep the lights on and the hits coming? One popular source, for major artists at least, […]

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What Can The Top NFL Players of All Time Teach Us About the NFL Draft?

Cover Image

bbaltimore / Flickr / CC BY-NC-SA It’s not the Superbowl, but every fan knows that the future of their favorite franchise is on the line every year at draft time.The right choice can put a franchise in a good position for years to come and the wrong choice can be crippling. The big question is, […]

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Lyric Intelligence In Popular Music: A Ten Year Analysis

Popular Music Main Image

Popular music lyrics are dumb. No really, I’m not just saying that. As easy as it is to mock the quality of lyrics today, there’s some real science behind looking at how dumb they truly are. That’s why I set out to answer the big questions. Which genre is the most sophisticated? (Prepare to be disappointed.) Which […]

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The Historical Profile Of the NBA Player: 1947-2015

With more than 65 years under its belt, there’s no denying the rich history possessed by the National Basketball Association. This post will take a closer look at the history of the NBA’s most important individual – the player. How have players, their origins, and their roles evolved over time? Keep reading to find out. […]

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NFL Fines and Suspensions Since 2002: Ballers Behaving Badly

Doug Baldwin

With the Patriots‘ stunning Super Bowl win over the Seahawks on Sunday, an NFL season rife with controversy comes to a close. From domestic violence, to drug and alcohol abuse, to Marshawn Lynch’s crotch grabs and anti-interviews to Deflategate, the league had a fair share of punishment to hand out this year. Typical misbehavior results […]

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The Super Bowl, The Secondary Ticket Market, and How to Win When Buying Event Tickets

So your team made it to the Super Bowl and you’ve got your heart set on being there no matter what. Even if you’re in the nosebleeds, you’re going to show up and support your team. For most sports fans, unless you’re made of money, it just isn’t that simple. Going to the Super Bowl […]

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